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Sell products from Amazon

Spreadr App for Shopify stores

Spreadr app has been used by 10,000+ Shopify merchants to import millions of products from Amazon 

Import Products from Amazon

Earn affiliate commissions or run your dropshipping business

Easily import products

Find products from Amazon and import them to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. Expand with hundreds of new products within minutes.

Hassle-free new income

Earn money when someone buys a product. Amazon manages shipping, returns, inventory and customer support. Effortless new revenue for you.

Increase your influence

Curate products that complement your brand or grow completely new categories to appeal to wider audiences. Become bigger and more valuable.

Trusted by Thousands

Everything But What

Awesome and easy to use app! Setup and navigation to get started quickly. Highly recommend even if you are not tech savvy.

Muggle Studies

This app is a great asset to my store. My niche is pretty hard to supply, but with Spreadr I can access the necessary Amazon offerings, and still profit. Thanks, Spreadr!


House Pets

Great way to make more money besides using only Oberlo. Highly Recommended!

Shop Home And Garden

This app is awesome! It makes adding products from amazon super simple and I was able to add over 500 products in a day. Support is very quick and always helpful. My site was put together in less than a week thanks to Spreadr.


Expand your store

Choose from over a million products available on Amazon. Make your store bigger and better.

Curate complementary products

Curate tasteful products to give your audience a new reason to come back. Appeal to wider audience and monetize your influence.

More products – more pages – more traffic

You can modify title and description of the products imported to your store. More pages with optimized descriptions lead to better SEO and increase in organic traffic.


Effortless New Income

Add a new source of revenue to your existing store by selling products from the worlds largest online retailer.

Make money with Amazon Affiliate Program

While Amazon manages inventory, shipping, returns and customer support, you get up to 10% as commissions from all products your visitors buy, not just the products you display.

Dropshipping for Amazon sellers

Alternative to affiliate income, you can use Spreadr to make Amazon as the drop-shipping source. Instead of linking out to Amazon, you can collect orders on your Shopify store and later fulfill them yourself.


Easy to use and powerful

Fast Product Import 

Just provide the Amazon product link & click Add. App adds the product info using official Amazon API.

Consistent Store UI

Amazon products will be displayed in same way as your existing products.

Product Customization

Customize product name, description, images after importing the products.

Locally Stored Product Data

All product data is stored in your site's database on Shopify to ensure it loads fast & is always accessible.

Pricing Automations

Create pricing rules to automatically add margin to the products you import.

Auto-sync Inventory & Price

App auto updates price & availability to match Amazon so that products are up to date.

Raw Affiliate Links

Increase speed and protect your privacy by using raw affiliate links. Keep 100% of your commissions.


Provide a list of Amazon products to get them imported all at once.

Pocket Friendly Pricing

All plans have 7 day free trial


$ 5 per month
  • Unlimited product import
  • No Auto-sync
  • No Geo-localize
  • No Analytics


$ 10 per month
  • Unlimited product import
  • Auto-sync 1000 products
  • Geo-localize
  • Analytics


$ 20 per month
  • Unlimited product import
  • Auto-sync 3000 products
  • Geo-localize
  • Analytics


$ 35 per month
  • Unlimited product import
  • Auto-sync 10000 products
  • Geo-localize
  • Analytics


Coming soon on WooCommerce, Magento, Weebly and more ...

Disclaimers:  1. This app is just a tool to help you develop your Shopify website. Do not make mini Amazon websites, because Amazon will close your affiliate account if you only import Amazon products without having other content on your website (other products, posts, reviews and so on.) 2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with Amazon’s T&C. While we try our best to ensure the service complies with Amazon Associate terms, you should do your independent validation and use the service only if you are satisfied. 3. Our service is independent and is not affiliated with Amazon in any way, shape or form. Any impression you might have got otherwise is inaccurate.

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